Moving Day Checklist for an Easier Relocation

May 11, 2023 | Moving Tips

Here Is The Best Moving Day Checklist To Make Your Move Easier

One of the busiest days is about to arrive sooner than you think. Are you as prepared as you should be? Having a moving day checklist will make your relocation much easier. There are many things to consider when preparing for a residential or commercial move, and organizing these thoughts on a moving checklist will ensure your move goes much smoother. Here is a quick list that can help you get started.

Clear walkways

  • Make it safe and easy for your movers to get in and out of your house by removing:
  • Potted plants and planters obstructing front porch, walkways and driveways as well as floor mats.
  • Low hanging items such as wind chimes or hanging plants.
  • Please try and arrange boxes in a way to keep walkways clear for the team.

Point out special items

  • During the walkthrough with the lead, point out items that are special to you. All your items will be handled professionally, but take a moment to show them which ones mean the most to you so they will be extra cautious.
  • Point out the boxes you would like to have unloaded first. These boxes may include kitchen and bathroom items, your children’s toys, or anything that you will need as soon as you arrive to your new home.

Before the driver leaves

  • Make sure you understand all the paperwork you are signing before the driver departs. If there is something that is confusing to you, ask your driver to explain it or call the office before you sign.
  • Provide the driver with your destination contact information so if something changes, you can easily be contacted. Take down any information the driver can provide such as his cell phone number.

Things to disconnect or break down

  • Disconnect all electronics and water or gas lines from the wall.
  • Please take down any mounted TVs and break down any workout equipment

Our moving day checklist is here so you can better prepare for your actual moving day. The small details and things you can do in preparation for your movers will make a big difference when it comes time to move. Something a simple moving day checklist makes what can be a complicated process much easier.

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